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Cranky Some writers should consider another format, such as oral story telling, film-making, or photo-essay. Yes, find some other method of communication that doesn’t involve spelling, grammar and punctuation. I’m all for supporting my kindred struggling authors, but damn it! Edit your freaking work before you inflict it on me, especially for a review!

I don’t say this lightly. I edited my novel for ten years before I allowed a single soul to see it, and even after it was checked by a professional editor, re-checked by me and published (in eBook form) by a mainstream publisher, I still found a few stray errors. So I know it’s difficult. But let’s face it. If you don’t even know the rule, it’s not a typo. For the love of literature, please! At least make an attempt. Just sayin’.

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  1. Well said, Denise! I stood up and applauded after I had read this. Over the past few months, I’ve read a lot of books by Indie authors (some of them for review) and have been horrified by the state of many books already out there.
    As you say, it’s not just typos (bad enough) but also bad grammar and sometimes even a basic lack of understanding of the meaning of certain words.
    It really boils down to the fact that no author is capable of editing her or his own work. Giving it to a well-meaning friend for a run-through to check for mistakes doesn’t cut it, either. My editor and I (okay, I confess – she’s my wife and I’m a lucky author) counted twelve full, detailed edits of the final manuscript for my first novel, and then proof copies of the paperback version were “farmed out” to a group of volunteers for a final check. Even then, a couple of minor typos slipped through.
    If we don’t collectively get this one nailed, then the reputation of Indie publishing will take a hammering.

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