Here you will find out all about me! Isn’t that exciting?

Inside of me there was a writer struggling to be published.

I have a BA degree in Education, completed my post graduate work in English Literature, and went on to teach elementary school in the NYC Public School System. After a few years of repeating myself endlessly to kindergartners, I changed careers and went into sales, but after realizing that it required the same skill set, I resigned.

When all is said and done, I’m a writer. Like all writers, I need therapy, but I don’t trust anyone to take on the task. To keep myself sane, I turn all my angst, stress, and misery into hilarious stories, so that others may find joy at my expense.

At the beginning of the Real Estate Crash in Phoenix, I took on a job that only the naive or deeply disturbed would attempt: property manager for eight rental units in one of the crappiest, most dangerous neighborhoods in Phoenix. I had stupidly invested at the height of the market, and ended up with 25% of its original value. When rents plummeted, commercial management became unaffordable: enter Denise DeSio. Every minute I spent there was a test of courage, stamina, and sanity, with no hope of personal or financial reward. It was during this time, I scribed a dark comedy titled, “Tenants Straight From Hell,” a barely believable, yet true series documenting five years of agonizing commitment to an investment that was destined to fail. One of these days, I will prepare it for publication, but I’m still reveling in the publication of my first novel, Rose’s Will, by Denise DeSio. Ten years in the making, it is available for purchase. Currently, only the E-book version is available for direct purchase. Other versions are temporarily out of print.

UPDATE: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2012 after missing one…ONE…mammogram. I underwent a total mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation and, as of 2017, I am 4 years cancer free. Please, ladies. GET YOUR YEARLY CHECKUPS.

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