Round 2 – The Ultimate Cure for Split Ends


The more cancer takes away from me, the more creative I have to be to find things to be grateful for. For instance, I now appreciate that my ears are nice and flat and I’m relieved to know that I don’t have a lumpy head. Nobody has called me sir yet, so that’s good, and my eyebrows are hanging on for dear life, bless their little follicles.

The one thing I can be wholeheartedly grateful for is the support of my friends and family. The phone calls, the visits, the fresh squeezed juice, the chicken soup, the chicken cutlet parmigiana hero, the buff, the emails, the FB comments, the home made blanket, the rides back and forth to doctors, and words of encouragement have been my lifeline and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Carol started a new job on Monday, so my friend Jackie took me for Round 2 of chemo, which is kicking my ass right now. I feel like The Blob, sort of slugging around all queasy and bloated, tripping over a collection of hats and wigs that I can’t wear because they feel like giant bloodsuckers on my head.

One piece of good news: My book, Rose’s Will is out in print! You could get it HERE.

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  1. your next book needs to be a journey journal… and a tea spoon of Jeni’s to settle that stomach unrest. I love you <3

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