Jeri Estes Reviews Rose’s Will!

Someday soon, when you go to the movies to see Stilettos and Steel starring Dakota Fanning, you might want to remember that the dyke who wrote the book it was based on, read and reviewed Rose’s Will.  Just sayin’.

Jeri Estes

Jeri Estes, author of Stilettos and Steel

Five StarsRose’s Will by Denise DeSio is a stunningly well-crafted novel. Ms. DeSio delivers literary strikes, rarely missing home plate. Rose’s Will has received outstanding reviews which are mini-synopses. To avoid redundancy and the tedious nature of authors to play intellectual tennis, my review will only address the literary merits of this spellbinding family drama.

For range of effect, philosophical weight, variety of characters, originality of style, humor and tragic intensity, DeSio’s work captures these skillfully.This is a must read that explores the pain of estrangement between a mother and daughter. The author makes her characters’ struggles universal by spotlighting our unreasonable demands for acceptance, approval and love (unreasonable only to the one demanded upon).

Rarely has the human drama for acceptance been accomplished without being spoiled by exasperating Hallmark moments. DeSio meets this challenge with her sardonic wit. Rose’s Will is bold, authentic and most importantly, profoundly moving. The difference between a good book and a very good book is that the latter leaves the reader changed and entertained in the process.  – Jeri Estes, author of
Stilettos and Steel

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