The Awakening

THE DREAM What do you do? I’m a writer.
Really? What have you published? A novel called Rose’s Will.
That’s exciting! Where can I get a copy? On Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and of course, directly from my publisher.

(During intermission at the theatre, my partner addressed an acquaintance.)
Did you know that Denise wrote a novel? It’s just been published?

¬†¬†Congratulations! What do you do? I’m a writer. My novel, Rose’s Will, was just published.
Yes, I know, but what do you do? I write. I’m working on my second novel.
 (She persists) But what is your job? (I persist) My job is being a writer.

WRITERI knew what she was getting at and I refused to say I didn’t have a job and validate the flawed assumption that writing was not a legitimate vocation. The lights dimmed. I sat back in my seat feeling triumphant–and letting go of all the previous conversations that made me feel inadequate.

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