woundvacI know I’ve been remiss but sometimes a girl has to retreat into a solitary hole and lick her wounds. No, not literally; actually I have this machine to do that for me now. What I’ve really been doing is locking myself in my office playing Angry Birds. Now that I’ve completed all levels and the footless, wingless birds have infiltrated my dreams, I am crawling out of my hole and attempting re-entry.

The answer to some of your questions:  1.) No, I haven’t yet started chemo. I was supposed to start the first week of February but it’s been postponed until my wounds close up. Hence, the wound vac, to which I am attached 24 hours a day. 2.) Other than that and the root canal, and the blood clot that I got in my gum from the Novocaine injection, and a little stomach bug that makes one do numerous times a day what one should do once a day at most, if not every other day, I feel just fine. 3.) Nobody asked me this but I’ll tell you anyway: I tried on wigs yesterday,


Historically, I’ve scorned wigs for their unattractive, who-do-you-think-you’re-fooling appearance. But every once in a while, I like to revisit my strongly-held beliefs to see if they still apply. After all, people change; wigs may change. But no. I look magnificently awful in a wig. Besides, they’ve pushed my chemo so far ahead that it will last through the whole summer. So it’s looking like I’ll be applying for a little medical marijuana and wearing this nice light cotton rasta cap with fake dreads.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear of all your challenges and truly hope-when you are able that the chemo experience goes better.

    I love your writing! Keep it up. Thinking of you.

  2. Very cool hat, not very cool news about the chemo-but this hat & the medical marijuana will surely give you the proper edge!

  3. I thought that was some weird type of jellyfish, not a rasta cap. Either way, I’ll love you no matter what you have on your head. Irie, mon!

  4. Haha only you can make everyone else laugh during this kind of temporary situation.

    Love the freaking pot head you will turn into. Geez love to be in your head when you are high. It’s so cool when your straight. I’m sure it’s time for your next book

    Praying even though you are not fond of me and my praying God worshipping self lol I’m putting out there that by the time your wounds clean up and heel chemo won’t be necessary. One can pray My Denise.

    Screw the wig you have a cutie pie face a pixie cut will look great on you.

    Sending much love and healing energy your way.

    Your praying heart bound to you friend Angela

  5. Oh yummy pot cookies, pot brownies, pot anything… Of course you need to start right away to practice practice practice, lol.

    Sorry to hear about the root canal and injection and stomach bug. And, glad you’re out and writing to let us know how you are.

    Sending you hugs and love,

  6. Maybe you can explain to me the lure of Angry Birds… I (so far) don’t get it. (Although I certainly spend plenty of time on other kinds of games…)

    I love the Rasta cap and attitude. We need to schedule another visit; I miss you both.

    I am exploring the options of digital photo file resurrection. Thanks so very much for the info!

  7. Sorry Angela, Denise hasn’t been straight since 1976 (please forgive me I know I should have let it go but couldn’t stop myself). She is however, continually amazing. I can’t imagine what MY life would be like if she weren’t the tender, funny, even keeled woman she most always is.

  8. Your journey sounds a bit like the Biblical Job. I’m just saying…. Anyhow, you’re in my heart. Hang in there. I think I’ll have to check out this Angry Birds thing for moody days. Might be good for me.

  9. I think I am grateful for the time in a coma! At least I thought I was on a space ship. Maybe the medical mj will take you there. Seriously, I am so sorry you are having so many crappy things happening to you. None of that is fun even though you are able to make it funny. Hang in there!

  10. denise, first i find you on linkedin, now i find this blog on my school email….you have been missing from my life for a long time, so this must be serendipity…..1. angry birds….i had completed all levels, but then i had to kill my iPad and so am starting over….not so much fun the second time…..2. did you know i am a breast cancer survivor????…..3. i am trying to career hop at this late date in my life (hence the beginnings of linkedin….which i hate so far)……i read quickly with comprehension, have mad grammar skills, and i do write and have been published years ago……4. is there any way i can be here for you during the circles of hades you are experiencing????? glad to re-connect…….when WAS the last time we “spoke”??? many good vibes your way from me…………kathie

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