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A big welcome to Kathy! Even though I don’t read romance novels, I got sucked in a little by Lily White Lies. In the beginning of the book, Reinhart captures the very essence of what sex is like when you’re ready to bail out of a relationship. Hilarious! Read the excerpt on the next page of this post!

Blurb: Meg Embry has finally faced up to the fact that the shine has worn off her engagement ring, her family members are the equivalent of comfortable strangers and her dreams are running faster than she is. Change is imminent, but where does she begin? With the support of her two closest friends, one who’ll make her laugh and one who’ll let her cry, Meg faces life head on and learns that sometimes, love, family and betrayal are bound together by lily white lies.

Excerpt:  I wasn’t in the mood when he slid his hand up my nightie but I was even less in the mood to argue. I could convince myself to tolerate the ten minutes of faking interest and pleasure. It was the two or three minutes afterward, several minutes of what seemed an eternity that I found almost intolerable, as I waited for him to roll off me.

Those few minutes evoked an emotion I couldn’t understand, much less label. Wavering between disgust and surrender, it was the most pervasive feeling of despair. It reminded me of late Uncle Maury and the mole on his left cheek. Looking back, I don’t think the mole bothered me as much as the one, wiry, black hair that protruded from its spongy core. The urge to rip it out mixed with the urge to throw up—knowing I could do neither. Each time he’d say, ‘Come here and give your uncle a kiss’, I would close my eyes in defeat and obediently do as I’d been asked, my stomach turning in time with the heartbeat that pounded in my throat. Now, I lay underneath two-hundred-pounds of sweaty flesh, struggling with those same feelings, the ones I had closed my eyes to hide twenty years ago. The spoken, ‘I love you,’ that I once used to conclude our lovemaking was now replaced with the unspoken, ‘Get off me!’

“Damn baby, that was good.” His words came with exertion.

Not the least bit interested whether his remark was an observation or a compliment, I replied, “How about letting me up.”

As if he didn’t realize he was still lying on top of me, he mumbled something I didn’t catch and rolled toward his left, pinning my hair between his arm and the mattress. Wincing, I grabbed it to keep it from pulling tighter as he slid further away from me. He made a half notion to look in my direction. “Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to pull your hair. Maybe you should think about getting it cut. I mean… it would be a lot easier to take care of.” He added, “It’d probably be kind of cute on you, too.”

“No!” Mentally drained as I was, I could only offer a one-word challenge.

“Hey, it was just a thought.” Smooth as silk, a deep shade of brown bordering on black, a color my grandmother called molasses, I always saw my hair as my one and only pretty feature. Without it, I probably would have drowned in my own insecurities as a teenager, when everyone else seemed to be more popular than I was and have more dates than I did. My legs felt like tree trunks as I swung them over the side of the bed. “Would you bring me a glass of water on your way back?” A nod was all I could muster. We weren’t married yet, but somehow we had already fallen into married life re-runs.

About the author:
Kathy Reinhart, restauranteur turned author of 3 novels, including the award-winning ‘Lily White Lies’ lives in southern Pennsylvania where aside from writing, she enjoys interacting with other authors on her blog ‘Ink Drop Interviews’, cooking, horses, travel, but most of all, spending time with her granddaughters, Joonie & the Little One.
Learn more about Kathy here:
Blog: www.inkdropinterviews.com
Website: www.kathyreinhart.com
Twitter: @kathyreinhart
Purchase: Kindle or Paperback

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