1. Hello long lost friend,

    Wishing you well throughout your cancer journey, you will survive! Having been through this for the last 7.5 years, there is little I have not encountered, a greater understanding than most. If there is anything you wish to discuss, or perhaps question, do not hesitate to contact me, I am happy to assist. I’m certain you are in good hands, for this is an important measure. If ever you find yourself NOT liking those who provide care, MOVE ON! We spend more time searching for a used car than we do our health care providers! And from a knowing perspective, not all care providers are created equal!
    So, having said ALL that, never loose sight of self, for it is you alone who is in control of this, YOUR journey. Take each moment as it comes, never plan ahead, things change on a regular basis and often without warning! Ask questions! If you do not understand something, ask again and again and again! Ask until you DO understand, there is nothing worse than walking away from a doctor appointment more confused! If you do not already have one, purchase a digital hand-held recorder and bring with you everywhere! This practice will ensure precise detail versus that of “he said, she said!” I can remember one doctor appointment, early on, when chaos seemed like my new normal. In addition to myself, with me was my now insignificant ex and two friends, 8 ears total. We listened, took notes, etc.. On the long drive home, I posed a question, there was some confusion in my mind with regard to the meeting. Much to my surprise, each response was as different as different might ever be! As well was my interpretation of the doctors response! Four people listening to the same words and four people having very different takes on those same words. It was at that point I decided a recorder was in order, and since, there has never been misunderstanding!
    Although I do not know you well, I believe in my heart you have the strength of mind to endure and overcome, this is a gift. There is no room for weakness. It is ok to have a moment of self pity, but at the end of the day, more than a snippet will be of no good use. Expend energy in ways that help, not hinder. Prepare for “odd,” things you might not have considered during this difficult time, for those in your life have their own struggles now and must “deal” with them as they need. Your understanding will come. If you have a moment, visit my website: http://www.mycancermatters.com. Here you will find pieces of MY journey and perhaps a thing or two that will help with your journey. Building this site, while a true labor of love, did get me through difficult days, helpful in ways I cannot explain.
    Keep your life “whole,” change only that which you choose to change. Do as always you have, for your “normal” is critical at this point. Because, as time passing, your “normal” will be altered, this is OK! The transformatin of self cannot be denied and therefore must be accepted, for kicking and screaming changes nothing! A “new” you will emerge and before you know it, those changes you did not choose (perhaps even resisted!) will have taken place and a “new normal” will be. This is where you are now and where you are meant to be. For you could not have arrived without the struggle. Know there is greater good, even amid the dread. Everyone and everything has great purpose, despite what we think! Accept, it is that simple.
    When you feel up to it, please stop in my store in Old Town Glendale, “Blissful Balance.” Located at 6890 58th Ave., one block south of Glendale Ave. on the east side of street. Call first to ensure I am there and not running errands, 623-399-7081. For today, remember, as long as there is breath, there is life. Be well and enjoy this moment, indeed it is a gift!

    Nicole Cannella

  2. Sounds like extremely sage advice, Nicole. Thanks for taking the time to share it and your website. You did a really great job on it. I might have to disagree with you about cancer being “a gift” though. Yes, I intend to rise to the occasion, but I’d gladly deal with being a lesser person if I didn’t have to go through this. I’m a person who can live with my dark side. Next time I’m in Glendale, I’ll stop by. It will be good to see you.

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